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A Weekend Plan

Hidy Ho! How’s it going out there? We’re having a good week, so far, here in ThimbleannaLand.

For starters, when I was answering comments from my last post, it occurred to me that there was one last place I hadn’t looked for the missing towels in the kids bathroom. The clothes hamper! Could it be that obvious? Well, Yes! I was thinking that the kids either threw their towels on the floor or brought them down to the laundry room when they left. But nooooo, they actually use the clothes hamper! Someone has them trained — it’s probably SweetiePie LOL. Mystery solved.

And then, today, I received a little surprise in the mail. I won a giveaway a few weeks ago from Amy. Amy had a very exciting summer and was able to spend a month in the UK with her family. She brought back some goodies and I was the lucky winner.   I’m hoping I’ll be able to use some of that cute fabric in one of my Union Jack blocks.  Thank You Amy — I share your love of the UK!!!

Thimbleanna: From Amy

If you’re in the U.S., are you ready for a long weekend? I AM! I’m hoping to get some sewing time in. I need to make a little birthday present, so I went shopping in my own store (haha) and picked some fabrics. Here’s a picture with a big hint as to what I’ll be making. (From left to right that’s Surprise Birthday in Pink (because it’s for a birthday!), Essex Linen in Flax, and Up Parasol Stella Sky.)

Thimbleanna: Purse

I’m also hoping to keep plugging away on my Trip Around the World.  Our assignment for this month is rows 25 – 30.  I’m currently in the middle of row 26 and I’ve been auditioning fabrics for the next group of rows.  I had the fabrics hanging over the edge of my temporary design wall, and I realized that I could use these little numbered pins that I recently found to help me keep the fabrics straight.  I’m really excited about these pins — when I’m machine sewing quilt tops, I’m a chain-piecer when it works, and I’ve always ripped up scraps of paper and pinned them to my fabric to keep the rows straight.  These numbered pins will be SO much easier.

Thimbleanna: Numbered Pins

One last thing before I go — after my last post I had some questions about The Aunt’s Quilt.  Remember the Aunt’s Quilt?

Thimbleanna: Aunt's Quilt

After I saw it at quilt market I mentioned that it would be fun to have an Aunt’s Quilt quilt-along this fall.  Happily, there were a few of you who said you’d like to play along.  The pattern isn’t available yet, but if all goes well, I should have some toward the end of September.  I’m taking my summer vacation at the end of September, so the plan will be to start in October, after I get back.  (When I spoke with Jen at market, she said they had a quilt along in Melbourne for this quilt and they did one pieced block and one applique block each month, so that’s what we’ll plan on doing (with a holiday break or two!))   I’m planning on using mostly stash fabrics, but there were some fabrics that I really loved in the quilt so I’ve tried to pick up a few of them that I could find, and put them in my little shop.   ;-D

Thimbleanna: Garden Fabrics

Also, I have no idea how many patterns to get, so if you really want one, let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Five on Friday

1. Happy Birthday to TheFirstChild! I’m so excited because the boys and SweetiePie will all be home this weekend — the first time since Christmas. It’s fun that TheFirstChild is coming home on his actual birthday — it means the inagural run of the Happy Birthday pillowcases!

Thimbleanna: Happy Birthday

2. I was cleaning the bathroom that the kids use and discovered a severe shortage of bath towels. They even had bathtowels with their names on them and not a one was to be found. How do towels with names on them just disappear? Does the dryer eat them along with socks??? So, now we have new towels — and we’ll try names on them again in hopes that they’ll stay where they belong. ;-8

Thimbleanna: Towels

3. I’ve been noticing a few recipes on food blogs for overnight oatmeal. After receiving high praise from The Brigitte, I decided to give this recipe a try. It was wonderful! I think it would be perfect with a little sprinkling of walnuts or almonds too.

Thimbleanna: Breakfast

4. I ordered some stained glass stars from Piggy and Dirt for gifts. I can’t show you what’s in the center of the stars because they’re for gifts, but I Love them. I even ordered one of them with a picture in the middle of it and I’m really happy with it.

Thimbleanna: Stained Glass

5. I’ve been busy stocking up my little shop with some of the fabrics that were used in the Aunt’s Quilt which I’m planning on starting this fall. In the process, I’ve restocked the famous Red Pepper Quilt binding stripe, the Better Buddy Case, and those perfect Little House pins.

Thimbleanna: Store Goodies

Have a great weekend!

Friday Five

Jeepers.  I don’t seem to be finding the time to blog!  It’s not that I’m super busy or anything — must be the lazy days of summer.  Anyway, here’s my Five for Friday (with a few gratuitous flower shots because you always have to have a picture and we have pretty blooming flowers now!):

1.  My exchange fabric for the Trip Around the World arrived this week and it’s perfect!  I love the sweet little print that came all the way from Australia and I’m excited to use it in my piecing.  She even included a handmade card with a little log cabin block.  So Cute!

Thimbleanna: Trip Around the World

2.  If you’re a knitter, you might enjoy these funny stock photos of knitters, found via Bekah.

Thimbleanna: Coneflowers

3.  The Yarn Harlot had a really funny post this week about a lost sock.  I almost spit out my diet pepsi when I read the line “Are you *&^!ing kidding me?”  Go have a good read to put it into context.  And in solidarity for lost handknit socks everywhere, here’s my sock on the kitchen floor.

Thimbleanna: Coneflowers

4.  I’ve been having a terrible time commenting on blogs that have that #$@%^$ word verification stuff on them.  Donna writes about this quite a bit and she has some good suggestions for fixing the problem.  If you have word verification and I usually comment on your blog but I haven’t been lately, it’s because I tried two or three times and then gave up.  Those things drive me crazy!

Thimbleanna: Zinnias

5. I was driving through Indianapolis the other day and snuck in a visit to one of my favorite yarn shops.  They’re having a 30% off everything in the store for the month of July (a fun surprise!) so I had to partake.  I thought these yarns would make these cute baby booties when I need fun little gifts.

  Thimbleanna: Yarn

Have a great weekend!

Five Things

Otherwise known as Friday Five but I just couldn’t get around to it on Friday — or Saturday!

1.  First and Foremost — I hope all of you in the U.S. had a great 4th of July.  We had a fun mix of people here for a cookout — our little family was scattered and we were missing one CrazyBIL (who is being Crazy in Brazil at the moment) and three of the five kids.  We were joined by family friends though, and they made it extra festive by providing party hats.  Lots of fun and laughs.

Thimbleanna: July 4th

2.  Winston (sporting his new summer haircut) was here for a visit too.  Some of you have asked how Winston gets along with the resident cats.  It’s a Love/Hate relationship — Winston loves the cats, they hate him LOL.  Poor little Winston — since he’s still a puppy, he’s all over the place and he wants to play with anything that moves.  Paulkitty is mostly terrified and runs to hide.  The Scruffster is a different story though.  He has a mean hiss and he’s discovered that he can scare Winston.  So, he’s in charge and poor Winston does whatever he wants.  I think Scruff is like a grumpy old many though — he has to be mean but really wants to be nice.  Here he is, cautiously checking out that bouncing puppy who finally fell asleep.  He didn’t dare go any closer — for fear he’d have to rear up on his hind legs and let out a ferocious growl to maintain control of the house if that puppy woke up.

Thimbleanna: Winston and Scruff

3.  I started crocheting a pink Happy Birthday pillowcase using this fabulous tutorial and this fabric.  Love, Love, Love!

Thimbleanna: Pillowcase Crochet

4.  My Zinnias are looking beautiful this year.  Last year I hardly had any because of a hail storm and this year …  I’m a little disappointed again!  I’ve ended up with some dwarfy version of a zinnia.  They need spinach or something to be real zinnias!!!  Apparently third time is a charm, so I’m hopeful for next year — I’ll be more careful when picking my seeds.  They’re pretty and healthy this year though — even if they are microscopic LOL!

Thimbleanna: Zinnias

5.  We’ve had the most beautiful weather the last few days — unseasonably cool.  So, if you’ll excuse me, my bike is out and I’m off for a bike ride to visit MeMum and BigDaddy!

Thimbleanna: Happy Bike


Adventures in Drapery Making

Yipee!  We got more snow today and it’s a winter wonderland out there.  Old Man Winter is going to go out scratching and clawing all the way.  I love that we’ve finally had a real winter this year!

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

Anyway, there’s been some sewing happening here.  A few years ago when we redecorated  the kitchen, I chose some fabric for the kitchen curtains.  I’d let someone talk me into doing things in red and black and gold, and while that would have been just fine, I didn’t love it.  One day, SweetiePie was here and I was whining to her that I didn’t love the new fabric (fortunately I hadn’t purchased it yet) and I thought it was possibly because there was no blue anywhere in the new plan.  SweetiePie jumped into action and in about 3.5 seconds, she found this post on the internet.  It made me start thinking and even though my walls aren’t white like those in the “model” picture, I decided that look might work for me.

I bought some fabric and then procrastinated because there were complications.  Our window is 150″ wide and the longest curtain rods are only 120″ long.  I knew I could probably custom order one, but I started thinking about alternate plans.  I finally decided I’d like a fabric covered valance.  And then I procrastinated more because I really didn’t want to build said valance.  Finally, when we had the bookcase built, it occurred to me that I could have the cabinetmaker build me a valance.  He did such a beautiful job, I hated to cover it.

So, a few weekends ago, I moved the machines up to the kitchen and started sewing.

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

Of course, I had some help.  Paulkitty really did try.

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

And he was much more helpful than Scruff who just wanted to kill himself in the plastic bag that came with the roll of fabric.  Don’t worry, no kitties were harmed in the making of these drapes.

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

The sewing went well and didn’t really take very long.  Even covering the valance wasn’t particularly difficult.  But, hanging it on the wall was a jumbo pain in the rear end.  Two people, a long valance, and two poor quality stud finders meant that the hanging process almost took longer than the sewing.

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

Anyway, I’m very pleased.  We’ve been in this house over 14 years and it finally looks like we actually live here!  Extra special thanks go to SweetiePie — without her, I’d probably be complaining about my black and red curtains to anyone who would listen.  ;-D

Thimbleanna: Kilmory

One last thing … Attention Stripe Lovers!  You’ve probably seen the diagonal stripes from the April Showers collection.  Bonnie and Camille’s stripes are Perfect for quilt bindings.  Not to mention any other stripey needs you might have. In case you need some and don’t already have them,  I’ve added some stacks to my little Etsy shop.

Thimbleanna: Kilmory