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The Wedding Planner

You may remember that there is going to be a wedding around here next spring. And by the time it’s over, you’ll probably be a) glad I’m not the Bride’s mother, and b) sick of hearing about it.

(Note to quilty peeps: You’ve already seen this, so you are excused to go spend your time more wisely! ;-) )

Wedding Planner 1

When TheFirstChild and SweetiePie got engaged we had a quick, fun, little impromptu champagne (how many adjectives can one noun have?) party. In addition to a REALLY big hug, I gave SweetiePie this wedding planner in a box.

Wedding Planner 3 Wedding Planner 4
Wedding Planner 6 Wedding Planner 2

It was lots of fun to make and SweetiePie has started to use it. My favorite cards are the Cake divider (’cause I liked the ribbon coming out of the top of the cake) and the little card with the “something” tags to put behind the Traditions divider.

Wedding Planner 5

I hope everyone has wonderful weekend plans. I’ll probably be cleaning — this place is a pigsty, I haven’t really cleaned in a long time. The change of seasons always puts me in the mood!