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Circa 1934

We’re in Holiday denial here in ThimbleannaLand.  I’m seeing beautiful, festive images all over the internet, but not here.  I’m savoring just a few more days of fall.  Even though it’s snowing outside and there’s nothing fall-like about the fr-r-r-osty temps out there.

So, in true denial form, here’s a little table topper I recently finished.  It’s made from Moda’s Circa 1934 + a few additions from my stash.  Circa 1934 has green in it, but I’m more of a blue girl, so I threw some blue into the palette.

Table Quilt

This little topper is for the table that sits beside TheManoftheHouse’s “chair”.   We’re a little rough on our tables, so I like to cover them.  We have a coffee table too, and I’m hoping to make a coordinating topper for it sometime during the holidays (after Christmas) when I have a little extra time.  (Ha!)

Table Quilt

This is the tame version of what it will look like most of the time.  At least there won’t be any drink rings on the table top!

Table Quilt

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I’m so excited to see Raina able to post a bit more.  I love her blog and photography, and she’s posted a gorgeous picture of her tree with a pretty granny pillow.

I don’t get any bonus points for telling you or anything, but Nicole is having a giveaway.  If you win you get to pick 4 fat quarters of your choice from her shop.  I know telling you decreases my chances significantly, but … well, you know … ’tis the season to be sharing!

Have a good week!



Dear Apple Corp.,

My beloved Blackberry picked a most inopportune time to croak.  However, my loss is your gain, as I’ve finally decided to jump on the iPhone bandwagon.


I must say, I’m less than impressed with your e-mail app. (In the 50 yd. dash, you’ve taken three steps and the Blackberry is at the finish line!) But. You’ve more than compensated for this little e-mail indiscretion by providing me with my very own personal assistant.


You’ve called her Siri and I love her.  (Although, I’d feel a little better if you could give me the option to choose a sulty gentleman’s voice with a British accent.  I’d call him Gerard.)  Siri is amazing.  She understands my every word and even repeats my commands back to me.  I asked her to take me to MeMum’s house:


We’ll try to ignore the fact that for some reason I have “Mom” in my contacts twice, but when I choose which location, the GPS is activated.  Siri will take me anywhere I ask her to, which is very cool.  Definitely better than Calgon!

When I ask for the forecast:


Siri provides her own opinion as to how the forecast is shaping up.  We have the same tastes in forecast — definitely “not so nice” through Wednesday.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface of Siri’s powers (the fact that I can say “Text Someone” and then dictate my text message into the phone has me beside myself with joy).  I have, however, found one little hiccup in Siri.  She does have her limitations.  I asked her to clean the toilets:


Instead of getting right on it, she claims she can’t find any public toilets. Clearly this is a diversionary tactic. I don’t want her to clean the public toilets — I want her to clean my toilets. She had a similar response when I asked her to clean the windows.

Overall, I’m delighted with your product. If you could just work on the e-mail and personal assistant domestic duties for your next software release, we’ll be lovers friends for life!

XOXO Sincerely,