Christmas Stockings

Gee Whiz.  It’s been almost another week since I posted.  I could have put in an appearance earlier in the week, but it was just too embarrassing to make you come back here at Christmas time with those creepy skeletons still in the header, and it’s been hard to find the time to get rid of them.  It’s finally done though — a not terribly exciting new Christmas header.  It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what to do with those thimbles!

I’ve been locked in the dungeon with Christmas sewing all weekend, so there’s no shareable quilting or sewing excitement going on here.  I did manage to make some little knitted stockings though, and I think they’re pretty cute.

Thimbleanna: Christmas Stockings

Awww, look, a puppy!  Did I tell you I’m a new Grandma???  TheFirstChild and SweetiePie picked up a new little puppy yesterday and he looks sort of like this one.  He’s really cute — I’m sure there will be pictures to come — you know how us grandmas are LOL!

Thimbleanna: Christmas Stockings

Anyway, back to the stockings.  They were a fun, easy knit.  The pattern is in the book “Handknit Holidays” by Melanie Falick.  I made the pattern as is, except that I changed the cuff — it had a little narrow cuff and I like them a bit wider.   I love cables, even if this one looks a little wonky due to it’s stuffing.

Thimbleanna: Christmas Stockings

These stockings are the only speck of decorating around here.  It’s very sad.  I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t decorate until I had this particular batch of sewing done and a deal’s a deal.   I should have thought that through — the sewing is taking WAY longer than I’d planned.  It could be next weekend.  Ouch!

Thimbleanna: Christmas Stockings

I hope you’re more organized (or more realistic) than I am!


23 Thoughts on “Christmas Stockings

  1. Love the stockings – and the puppy! I decorated the house today – and I have almost finished the Christmas sewing (we won’t mention the unfinished projects from previous years …..)

  2. Love your stockings and I agree with you, cables are always so pretty.

    I decorated the whole house last weekend, must get pictures on my blog (didn’t even think of it until I read your post here)

    Go on, you can betray yourself just this ones, I’m sure you won’t be angry when you see your house all decorated!

    I haven’t done ANY sewing for over a month now, you see, I also made a deal with myself, to clean up the sewing room first (it’s a mess everywhere!!) – and now the room is just lonely with stuff and clutter everywhere :/

  3. We decorated yesterday – or should I say we started yesterday. We’ve still got a few things to put up. I’ve also got lots of sewing I need to do but I’ll get to it soon … I hope!

  4. Those stockings are adorable, and I LOVE puppies, can’t wait to see photos of him. I did some Christmas knitting that I can’t show yet, and I’m almost done with my shopping, hubby is the last one to get for and I have to ship 3 boxes out and then it will be on to my Christmas baking. I will say this is the very first time in many years that I have been this organized.

  5. LOL I wonder when those skeletons would come down — like the xmas theme – I’m lazy and don’t even bother to change mine.

  6. oh! i love the heading! in my world, santa’s sleigh has a thimble to guide him from house to house. ;p we got our tree up and the house mostly decorated earlier this week. i need the tree and decorations to keep me going on the last round of xmas sewing. ;p i’m almost there…almost there. ;p

    a puppy??!! i LOVE puppies(when they belong to someone else)! ;p

  7. We got nuttin’. Skipping decorating this year. I do have my cookie jar out, does that count? Give a mouse a cookie jar, a major score last year at Barnes & Noble.

  8. Hey grandma! Looking forward to puppy pics. One of my colleagues just got a miniature schnauzer puppy – he is very cute.

    Stockings are great too. They are about all my mum knits, but hers have Santa Claus’ face on them. Mine was the first one she ever knit – 43 years ago. I have had a new one since as I was unhappy that it was 2 tone green as she had run out of the first green. I think she must have knitted over 400…..

    My tree is up and the lights are on. The presents are bought and the wrapping is done. Now if I could just get the cards written.

  9. The stockings are adorable! And I haven’t blogged in too long-holidays keeping me busy! All the decor is up here, except the girls’ angel tree which is awaiting the arrival of the oldest on Wed evening! :)

  10. I was wondering about those skeletons !! LOL The new header is cute tho.
    I’ve got some decorating done but like others, been working in the sewing room too.
    I agree with ina – Puppies are cute, when they belong to someone else! Have fun when they bring the grandpup to visit tho!

  11. i told Auntia that she was in control the decorating again this year, thinking that she wouldn’t want to share her birthday with Baby Jesus, but she has already put up the tree and decorated it, wrapped all the presents, and even started on Christmas cookies … and she has taken to wearing Santa hats all day, every day…


    anywho, does Santa’s front bumper/thimblefender have a foot warmer?!? i dunno about where YOU are, but it is fuh-fuh-fuhreezingly cold here….

  12. I like those stockings. Again with the knitting. You know I can’t do that. ;( Our Christmas tree just went up today and is still not totally decorated. Nothing outside yet. But soon. I hope. Waiting breathlessly for grandpuppy pictures.

  13. I love your Header!!!! It’s appropriate and retro.
    Love your stockings and especially the cuff…it’s just right. You still have time. Christmas is still ummmmmmm2 weeks off. Oh dear! Reality is starting to set in around here too.
    Still 2 more pair of socks to go. I may not make it.

  14. your stockings are wonderful! They are so homey and sweet and knitted expertly! I love the puppy and Raggety Ann. I have a collection of those somewhere around here – they are perfect for Christmas, aren’t they?
    Boy, time is flying between the holidays – I feel so behind!

  15. p.s. what a great new header

  16. They are cute stockings (and thanks for replacing the creepy skeletons……I was getting scared of opening your posts!!!!).

  17. Your Christmas blog header is so fun! Love the knitted Christmas Stockings.

  18. I’m so happy to see Santa riding in his thimble-sleigh. I really hoped I wouldn’t see skeletons when I clicked over to your post today! Love those knitted stockings. LOVE!

  19. Oh, you’re such a lazybones. (Ahem.) Not much decorating done here either but I’m ploughing through the cards. That’s something!

  20. Love the new header! I’m sure you could recycle some from years gone by if you ever got stuck :o)

    The stocking are gorgeous and clearly hung with care…! I wish I could be that clever with knitting needles…

  21. Those stockings, plus contents, look quite fabulous. And I love the new header!

    There’s nothing to indicate it’s Christmas here yet either, beyond a few bits of greenery and some candles, but we’re getting there slowly … there’s no rush :)

  22. Hello Anna! I’m trying to catch up with blogging – and not doing very well! Your stockings look lovely and the header is fabulous :o) I feel like I am drowning under knitting for Christmas presents and am longing for some “fun” knitting time! I shouldn’t feel like this as all knitting is good but I hate it when I’m under pressure.

    If I don’t speak to you before have a really wonderful Christmas. Lucy xxx

  23. Your stocking are beautiful. You are unbelievably creative and do such beautiful work. I’m a beginner sewer, one day I hope to be as advanced as you. Thanks for sharing such inspiring work. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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