The Ghastlies

Note: When I made these quilts, "the ghastlies" was the only main ghastlie fabric available. Alexander Henry has since come out with a new print, "a ghastlie night" which contains my favorite vignette, the knitting witches. The vignettes in "a ghastlie night" do not cut apart as easily as the ones in "the ghastlies", plus, "the ghastlies" have at least 7 vignettes, while "a ghastlie night" only has three or four, depending on how you cut it.

If I were to make these quilts again, I'd buy 3/4 yard of "the ghastlies" for the vignettes in the center of the blocks, and 4 yards of "a ghastlie night" for the back. There will be enough "a ghastlie night" fabric left over for a few vignettes (those knitters!) to be added to the front of the quilt.

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